Throw Away Your Watering Cans

Drip Irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation, is an irrigation method that applies water slowly to the roots of plants by depositing the water either on the soil surface or directly to the root zone through a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters, with the goal of minimizing water and fertilizer usage. Modern drip irrigation is the most important innovation in agriculture since the invention of the impact sprinkler in the 1930’s.

Drip irrigation may also use devices called micro-spray heads which spray water on a small area.

Drip irrigation has been used since ancient times when buried clay pots were filled with water and the water seeped into the soil.

Micro-drip irrigation is a reliable, low volume and efficient way to water flower beds, ground cover, vegetable gardens and hanging baskets, since the extra amount of water needed is delivered at or near plant root zones.  Benefits of drip irrigation include design flexibility, healthy plants and less work for you!