Sports Field Irrigation

Let our sprinkler systems keep your New Jersey sports and athletic field looking lush and green all year long!

It’s important to keep a sports field in top condition, not only to keep it looking great for the fans, but also to make sure it’s functional and safe for the athletes that perform. Keeping an entire athletic field lush, healthy and green can be a significant challenge, which is why Morris & Bergen Irrigation is proud to offer our high-quality turf maintenance services in the New Jersey area. Our sports field irrigation involves drip systems, sprinkler systems and much more, providing your field with everything it needs to stay vibrant, green and healthy. Morris & Bergen Irrigation has been serving the New Jersey area since 1975, delivering outstanding service to residential and commercial locations alike.

sports field irrigation

We know you have a specific vision in mind for your New Jersey area sports field, and we want to help you make that dream come true. All of our contractors hold DPMC certifications and are both Public Works licensed and irrigation certified, so you know that when you hire Morris & Bergen, the job will get done right and according to your specifications. We manage our sprinkler systems all year-round, making sure that your sports field gets the irrigation it needs to stay healthy and green.

During the months of March, April and May, what we call our Spring Start-Up period, our technicians will:

  • Seal all valves and drain plugs
  • Open the valves and slowly fill up the mains
  • Search for any leaks or damages along the main
  • Make sure each zone is getting proper coverage
  • Ensure the control timers are properly set for spring

During our Summer Inspection months, which run through June, July and August, we will:

  • Take note of changes in weather conditions and adjust accordingly
  • Check all main and lateral lines for damage and leaks
  • Ensure full, proper coverage for every zone
  • Make any needed adjustments to automatic rain sensors

Lastly, during our Winterization months of October, November and December, we:

  • Close all water sources to your irrigation system
  • Open up all plugs and drain valves
  • Charge the lateral lines, main lines, valves, and heads with compressed air
  • Ensure the lines are empty and flush them with air
  • Make sure all the control timers are set in rest position

Your New Jersey sports field needs proper irrigation in order to remain lush, green, beautiful, and safe, so let Morris & Bergen take care of your irrigation needs. Our sprinkler systems will cut down on your maintenance and ensure an ideal playing field for athletes. Call us at (973) 628-7077 or contact us online today for a FREE consultation!

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