Irrigation Maintenance and Service

Turn On and Turn Off Services for NJ Irrigation Systems

Timely service and maintenance of your irrigation system will add to its longevity. Morris & Bergen Irrigation possess the knowledge and staff to maintain and service over 6,000 valued customers. Our team of trained and experienced service technicians coupled with a service assistant will provide service at an optimal level no matter how small or large the job. Whether it is warranty service or not, we will inform the homeowner of the problem and what is needed to resolve the issue before any work begins.

A summary of our services offered along with a brief description of each is listed below:


March • April • May Spring Start-Up

  • Reseal all drain valves and plugs
  • Open the shut off valves and slowly fill the mains
  • Check the entire main for leaks or damage
  • Check each individual zone and adjust heads for proper operation and coverage
  • Check and adjust the automatic rain sensor for proper operation
  • Reset the control timer for required settings for the spring season

June • July • August Summer Inspection

  • Adjustments will be made based on changes in shrub growth or varying weather conditions
  • Main and lateral lines will be inspected for leaks
  • Check each individual zone and adjust heads for proper operation and coverage
  • Check and adjust the automatic rain sensor(s) for proper operation

October • November • December Winterization

  • Close down all water sources to the irrigation system only
  • All drain valves and drain plugs will be opened
  • All main lines, valves, lateral lines and heads will be charged with compressed air.
  • The lines will be flushed with air until completely empty
  • Control timers will be set in the rest position

* Certified Irrigation Water Auditors*

In response to community water consumption program and water conservation acts, irrigation audits have grown increasingly popular. The irrigation audit will determine the efficiency and uniformity of an existing system.

The Audits can assess changes that can be made to allow the system to be more efficient. The audit is diagnostic, focusing on head placement, nozzle selection and overall coverage. The result of a professional water audit to the client is a more efficient, economical system in step with today’s technology and irrigation standards.

* We will always send you a friendly reminder informing you to schedule these vital services. The earlier you schedule these services the faster we will be able to accommodate your request and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your automatic irrigation system.

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