What Type of Maintenance Does a Sprinkler System Require?

Basic maintenance is required to ensure the effective operation of your system. The most important services are the fall winterization and the spring start-up. In the fall, we shut down the system and blow out the lines to eliminate the risk of freezing pipes. In the spring, we turn the system back on, evaluate each zone, adjust heads and reset the controller.  Morris & Bergen Irrigation strongly recommends that you also consider the Summer Inspection. This program allows us to identify repairs that may have arisen during the watering season and make important adjustments to your watering schedules to accommodate the hot summer months. Proper watering schedules in the hot summer months are critical to the long-term health of your turf and plants.

How difficult is it to alter the system in the future (add shrub zones, new deck, expand flower beds, etc.)?

Adding to or modifying a system is generally not a problem. Having valves manifold together, swing joints on each head, etc., are all done with this in mind. It is most important to plan with the initial installation so that expansion or modification is not a big expense.

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