5 Quick Tips to Prevent Irrigation & Sprinkler System Repair

Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Repaired sprinkler head by Morris & Bergen Irrigation

Irrigation system repair can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare! With an out of sight, out of mind issue like irrigation maintenance you may find that sprinkler repair services are inevitable. That’s why we’re offering you a quick guide to sprinkler maintenance for the average New Jersey homeowner.

If your dog, Ruffles, already destroyed your sprinkler heads, you can call Morris & Bergen Irrigation to repair your lawn irrigation system. You can also save time and energy with our irrigation maintenance services.

1. Inspect Your Lawn Sprinklers

One of the easiest things you can do for your irrigation system maintenance is inspect your sprinklers. Make a monthly habit of checking your system for clogged or broken sprinkler heads. Also make sure you don’t see any inconsistent spray patterns or disrupted water flow.

2. Clean Your Sprinkler Heads

After you’ve inspected your spray heads, make sure to clean them as needed. Cleaning your sprinkler heads as well as your drip irrigation filters prevents clogged sprinkler heads and unnecessary wear and tear.

You can do this by lifting your sprinkler head and removing the filter. Once the filter is out, turn your sprinklers on for a few seconds. This should clear any debris clogging your sprinkler. We also recommend you wipe down your filter with a clean rag.

3. Adjust Control Timers Seasonally

Winterizing your sprinkler system is crucial in places like New Jersey. Naturally, you save on the amount of water you use throughout the year, lowering your water bill. However, your lawn will benefit greatly during the cold rainy seasons when you adjust your timers.

If you turn on your water system going into the summer season, make sure you turn your backflow device on before you start your system up.

4. Check Your Sprinkler Water Pressure

Another great idea is to regularly check your sprinkler valve water pressure. This is extremely important to make sure that your irrigation system isn’t too high or low. The water pressure level for your sprinkler system should be somewhere between 40-65 PSI. If you’re having trouble with your water pressure being too low, you can use a 24 VAC to help open up the valve.

5. Clean Your Irrigation Pump Filter

About halfway through the year, you might want to clean your irrigation pump filter for good measure. Now and then you might find algae can clog your filter. An easy way to prevent this is to cleanse the filter with a little bleach and water. You can also consider flushing your sprinkler system every so often.

These quick tips won’t solve all your irrigation and sprinkler system problems; however, they are a good start. When you need heavier irrigation repair and maintenance services, call a professional like those at Morris & Bergen. You’ll rest easy knowing they have years of experience with lawn irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance.

You can also contact us for other important services like sprinkler system installations or drip system irrigation systems to save your water supply. Schedule a free consultation today.