Water Wisely with Drip Irrigation

A way will always need to be found on how to irrigate plant material. Watering with a hose and sprinkler will get old in a hurry. Have you considered an in-ground sprinkler system or even better, how about drip irrigation?  Take a moment to learn about the merits of drip irrigation.  With a series of carefully placed emitters, water could be delivered right to the root zones of plants. And you could enjoy the convenience of a permanent watering system.

Water is a finite natural resource. As populations increase in North America, many areas are facing water shortages and periodic droughts. These crises make a water-thrifty garden irrigation system an attractive tool. With a drip system, plants can thrive with less water. Keeping water off foliage also cuts down on fungal diseases. When using pesticides, they aren’t washed off when the system kicks in. And, since only the roots of plants get watered, many fewer weeds pop up. With a simple drip-irrigation system, you can water perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, ground covers, and even potted plants!

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