Design And Installation Of Your Irrigation System Should Be A Collaborative Process


Adding a residential irrigation or commercial irrigation system to your lawn makes landscape maintenance a much easier proposition. At Morris & Bergen Irrigation, we’ve amassed over thirty years of service and over 6,000 satisfied customers, and we’ve done so by including our customers in every step of the design and installation process so that they know what to expect from their new lawn irrigation system. If you’ve been considering a drip or lawn sprinkler irrigation system for your lawn, we’ll work with you to design a plan that meets your current landscape needs in every way, shape, and form.

At Morris & Bergen Irrigation, the installation process begins with a meeting between you, your salesperson, and our foreman to inspect the plumbing and the location of the water meter. Throughout the process you’ll also be shown the sprinkler head layout, will be notified of the valve locations, and will be informed where the irrigation controller and rain sensor will be located. After your system is installed, you’ll meet again with our foreman for a tutorial on how to set up and control your new irrigation system at the touch of a button. It’s all part of allowing our customers to feel a part of the process, and to provide them with the knowledge and expertise to work their system for years to come.

Once your system is installed we offer timely service and maintenance that is certain to add to its longevity. Our experienced technicians and service assistants have the expertise and know-how to recognize existing and potential problems within your system large or small. We also offer seasonal maintenance service that includes our Spring Start Up in March, April, and May, an August Summer Inspection, and our Winterization in October, November, and December. Routine maintenance such as this will allow your system to adjust to seasonal demands, thus insuring that your yard will continue to look its absolute best year-round.

If you’ve been considering an irrigation system for your residential or commercial landscape, we invite you to discover the difference such a system can make in maintaining your lawn. Our lawn irrigation systems are tailored to meet your specific needs, and our inclusive installation process goes a long way in making maintenance easy and affordable. Let our contractors find the perfect design for you, and get started on the process of revolutionizing the way you approach lawn care.