Irrigation and Sprinkler System Products in New Jersey

Components used in an underground irrigation system.

Water connection – Your new irrigation system will begin as close to the water meter as possible. This will ensure the maximum amount of pressure to the sprinkler zones. If your home is equipped with a water softener, your irrigation system will begin before the softening unit.

Back Flow Prevention – (Pressure Vacuum Breaker, PVB) this device disables water or any contaminants from flowing back into the potable water source.

Pipe – Copper, PVC, and Poly pipe will all be used to complete your irrigation system.

Wire – Control wire is direct burial and is made to endure underground burial. Control wire is vital to an installation.

Valve Boxes – Boxes which will be buried in discreet locations on your property will house the control valves. The valve boxes will be accessible for Morris & Bergen Irrigation service personnel. At no time would a homeowner need to access these boxes.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads – These heads are primarily used to irrigate open lawn areas. The trajectory of water displaced from the sprinkler nozzle can be adjusted with ease. The movements of the rotary sprinkler heads are gear driven and adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees.

Fixed Spray Heads – These sprinklers are primarily used to irrigate shrub and smaller turf areas. The sprinklers do not rotate and have adjustable nozzles that will distribute water in the desired pattern.

Drip Irrigation – Drip irrigation is an efficient and effective way to water shrub beds or large privacy hedges.

Controller – The controller is the part of the irrigation system a homeowner will become the most familiar with. Modern controllers have the ability to program multiple start times as well as adjusting the watering schedule with the touch of a button.

Rain-Sensor – Rain sensors must be installed as per NJ state law. The sensor absorbs moisture from rain water and then interrupts the desired watering schedule. When the sensor dries, the regular watering schedule will continue.

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