New Irrigation Installation for Residential and Commercial Spaces

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The installation of your irrigation system will begin with meeting the installation foreman and the sales representative who initially presented the proposal to you. At this time the sales representative and the foreman will inspect the plumbing and the location of the water meter, as this will help in determining the location of the back flow preventer. The back flow preventer is required by New Jersey state law to be installed on every irrigation system.

The next step in the installation process will be the sprinkler head layout. Both the foreman and the sales representative, with the help of measuring tape, will determine sprinkler head placement. This will allow the homeowner to view where every sprinkler will be placed on the property prior to installation (colored flags will represent the different types of sprinkler material). This design layout process is critical in helping to verify property lines. This will help to avoid any confusion after the installation as to where one property begins and the other ends. Valve locations will also be discussed and determined at this point.

Next will be informing the homeowner as to where the irrigation controller and the rain sensor will be located. The controller is usually conveniently located in a garage area or at times in a basement. The rain sensor’s location will be inconspicuous, usually on a rain gutter or on the rear of the home.

A vibratory plow, which actually pulls the pipe underground, will be the primary machine used in the installation. The holes for the sprinkler heads will be hand excavated and placed in the appropriate positions. Valves will be assembled and sprinkler heads will be adjusted as to not over spray on unintended areas.

Upon completion of the installation, the crew will seed areas of the lawn where the vibratory plow was used and around the sprinkler head areas. The sales representative or foreman will give you a description on how to set up and control your new irrigation system. At this time, the foreman or sales representative will schedule a program that will help bring your lawn to the lush state you desire. Each zone will be activated and any questions will be answered at this time.

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