The Perfect Turn-on

Most people think a turn-on is quick and easy, but in reality there is a lot more to it. Care and a technical eye is what is needed to prepare for ultimate performance during the hot days of summer. Irrigation systems have been sitting idle all winter. Now it is time to charge your system. Turning the water on and plugging in the timer is not all that is needed to have your sprinkler system working at optimum performance.

When turning the water back on, it is very important to charge the system to prevent damage to the piping and other components. Improperly turned on systems will result in water hammer — high-speed rushing water acting just like a hammer inside your pipes. Each zone must be carefully inspected by a qualified technician, looking for leaks, broken sprinkler heads and proper coverage. Inspecting your rain sensors and programming the timer for proper scheduling are necessary to ensure that you will be prepared for the hot days of summer. Irrigation systems that receive the perfect turn-on will last longer, perform better, save water and provide for a healthier landscape.