Springtime is Irrigation System Check-up Time

Spring is in the air and everyone is gearing up for the season ahead. Cleaning, planting, tending to new blossoms and realizing that over the winter holidays the in-laws drove over three of your sprinkler heads lining the driveway. So along with the wonders of spring also comes the work. Now is the time for a sprinkler check! Give us a call or send us an email and we will set up a time to come by and test your system.

We will check for obvious leaks, broken and leaking heads and nozzles. We will make sure that your controller is programmed appropriately for the season and type of turf you have. We will make minor adjustments to ensure that your sprinkler is spraying in the most effective manner. We will provide advice on any further re-piping or major adjustments that your system may require, and we will provide you with a proposal if needed.

Just like the plumbing in your house, the engine in your car, and the teeth in your mouth, your sprinkler system requires some general checkups and maintenance to perform at its optimal level and give you the most value from your water bill. For instance, if you have a small leak in even just one sprinkler head, it can generate over 10 gallons per minute without seeming obvious. If you are losing 50% of that from leakage, running even 15 minutes can cause 75 gallons of wasted water. Our sprinkler check would reveal that leak and we can repair it and get your system back to high performance and near zero-waste. A little bit of preventative care can extend the life of your system, lower your water consumption and give you a greener and happier yard.

We can help you work together with Mother Nature to save money, time and resources. Email or call us for more info on a system or repair that fits your lawn care needs.

Thank you for considering Morris & Bergen Irrigation for all your residential and commercial irrigation needs. Call us anytime at 973.628.7077.