SPRING Cleanup

Best tips for Spring Landscaping Cleanup

  • Clean up all the leftover leaves and trash that have accumulated in the landscape over the winter. Cleaning up litter removes hiding places for bugs that can attack your plants later.
  • Most trees and shrubs benefit from annual pruning. It keeps them in shape, gets rid of dead and diseased wood and encourages new growth. But not all trees and shrubs should be pruned early, especially some of the flowering ones- always check with a professional gardening center or landscaper.
  • After a long winter your lawn needs to be mowed, aerated and fertilized. It’s a good time to patch in or reseed bare spots.
  • Walk around your yard and look for bare spots in the mulched beds. Add mulch to areas that are thin. If you have gravel mulch in your beds rake the beds to even out the gravel.
  • If you have an irrigation system, do a thorough check up of the system. This may be the time to add or move a sprinkler head to get rid of that annoying dry spot in your lawn.