Spring Activation

You might ask why you need to pay a professional to turn on your lawn sprinkler system in the spring. That is a very good question and it all comes down to what services or irrigation expertise you are paying for.

A professional spring sprinkler activation and tune up should consist of the following items to ensure your system is operating at optimum performance and is not wasting water.

Morris & Bergen Irrigation provides the following system inspection and basic tune up.

  1. Recharge pipe system slowly to avoid pipe damage from water surge.
  2. Inspection and cleaning of backflow to eliminate leaks.
  3. Pressure test mainline pipe to detect leaks.
  4. Zone inspection to ensure each zone is operating correctly.
  5. Do a visual pressure test of each zone and note any pressure issues with recommendations for repairs or adjustments.
  6. Clean sprinkler spray nozzles to ensure proper sprinkler coverage.
  7. Inspect rain sensor for proper function and inform customer if repair is needed.
  8. Replace batteries in wireless rain sensors.
  9. Set a basic schedule for proper watering and to minimize excessive watering or run off.
  10. Check and adjust sprinkler coverage to insure water is not being wasted on pavement.

Not all spring sprinkler activations or irrigation start-ups are created equal. Ask your lawn sprinkler service provider for a list of tasks that are included with their sprinkler start up.

When should you have your sprinkler system turned on? Usually any time after the second week of March is a safe bet for starting up your sprinkler system. I recommend calling early in the season to schedule your lawn sprinkler start-up; the best time to tune up your system is before you need it.

If you wait to call to schedule an irrigation Spring start-up when you need to run your sprinklers, you have waited too long. Your sprinkler company will have a back log and you might have to wait for a couple of weeks to get them out leaving your landscape to suffer because of a lack of water. If your system needs a major repair, which could also take some time to complete, there could be a delay of needed water for your plants.

Having your sprinkler system started up for the season early will eliminate thirsty plants when the rain stops. When the time comes that watering must begin, all you have to do is turn the dial on your controller to the on position and you will be ready to water, ensuring you have a lush green lawn and a healthy landscape!