Is a Sprinkler System Worth It?

The value of an irrigation system is relative to the intensity of maintenance and aesthetics desired. If you already manually water your lawn regularly and you desire a moderate to highly manicured lawn, it is worth it!

Sprinkler systems save time, money, aid in water conservation, and help achieve a green lawn.  You can save time by not having to monitor and move sprinklers and there will be no more rolling hoses or getting wet making the next move. An irrigation system requires very little attention once we install the system.

Over time, an irrigation system will pay for itself. The savings are incurred by eliminating overwatering, and providing perfect and efficient coverage. Hand watering is no match for the efficiency of a Morris & Bergen Irrigation System.  Eliminating overwatering means no waste, no runoff, no more forgotten sprinklers or having to water the driveway just to get a patch of grass. A properly watered lawn is also healthier and less vulnerable to pests or weed infestation.

The most satisfying benefit of an irrigation sprinkler system is the look of healthy and lush green grass. Once the optimal times are dialed in you won’t even know the sprinklers are there.

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