How Much Water is the Proper Amount?

Your objective when irrigating is to get the maximum amount of water to the root zone without wasting water. To achieve this objective in most soils, you will need to apply somewhere between ½ inch and ¾ inch of water per irrigation event.

Sandy soils will generally get wet down to 12 inches for each inch of water you apply. In heavier soils, you might only need to apply ½ inch of water in a single irrigation event.

When watering restrictions are in effect, homeowners are often tempted to apply more water to compensate for the reduction in frequency of irrigation. However, applying more water than the grass can absorb only wastes water. Additionally, runoff — excess water that the grass’ roots cannot absorb — creates potential pollution hazards, as fertilizer and pesticide chemicals can be washed into groundwater or surface water. A lawn that is too wet is also at greater risk for disease and weed problems.

Check to be sure rain sensors are functioning well!