Choosing an Irrigation System Specialist

Imagine an extremely complicated network of electrical connections, pipes, valves and sprinklers designed to totally support the watering care of your entire yard. Now imagine it not working properly! Are you seeing water spraying everywhere, mudslides, debris, burned-out plants, dead patches of grass and even little unwanted creatures? Basically, water and money going down the drain quickly. Not a pretty picture. Your irrigation system is a permanent fixture of your home and one that can cost you big time if not designed and installed properly.

Don’t trust your home or your hard earned dollars to anyone that is not certified and licensed. Both residential and commercial irrigation systems require knowledgeable professional contractors who are well trained and experienced in this type of work. You only want highly qualified irrigation contractors and workmen who are on the cutting edge of their field trained in the latest technology.

Don’t be shy. Make sure you ask these questions when considering a turnkey irrigation system for your home or business:

  • Is the contractor licensed to do irrigation work by the State of NJ?
  • Does the contractor have a Home Improvement License from the State of NJ?
  • Are the employees of the company legally documented to work in the U.S.?
  • Is the contractor fully insured?
  • Will the contractor give you a written contract to sign?
  • Will the work on your project come with a warranty?
  • Does the contractor provide after-sale service?
  • Does the contractor have recent, solid references to give you?

You cannot ask too many questions! Make sure you know what products and equipment are being used for your landscaping needs and why. Fully understand what you are getting for your money.

Before you sign on the dotted line with an irrigation systems company, contact Morris & Bergen County Irrigation at 201-664-8159 for a free consultation. Providing irrigation systems for homes and businesses throughout New Jersey, they are certified irrigation contractors (License #0017163) and are additionally registered with the Public Works Contractor Registration Act (Certificate #615528) and Home Improvement Contractor Act (License #13VH01372000) and are long-time members of The Irrigation Association of New Jersey.